Structural Design

folding carton structural design at color craftA strong visual presentation is crucial for your brand. We know that your folding cartons must be brilliantly engineered with high-quality materials, and customized for your mission to ensure the most successful effect on your customers. By offering a wide range of design services, we can help you maximize all of your projects’ potential. Our design team combines seasoned skill and cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative, eye-catching solutions that generate the results you desire.

Our passion for solutions is most evident in our focus on structural design. By combining a designer’s sense of form with an engineer’s understanding of function, our award-winning structural designers approach each project by taking into account a wide range of factors. These factors include retail shelf space, converting requirements, and even marketing objectives – to deliver packaging that commands attention. We will work with you at every stage of the process to arrive at a design that not only suits your application but also exceeds your expectations.

To assist you in evaluating the structural designs for your folding carton, our team manufactures your physical product for you at each stage of production. This allows you to see what it is actually going to look and feel like while providing you with opportunities to make any necessary alterations in real time. The expertise of our design team really shines by producing high-quality samples that you can use for photo shoots, trade shows and more – often in as little as a 24 hours!

Our Pre-Press/CTP equipment includes:

  • 1 – XMF Workflow
  • 1 – Javelin 8600Z Platesetter and Fuji Processor
  • 1 – Inspector II – UPC code scanners
  • Electronic Pre-Press/CAD

Whether you are looking for ideas or have a design already in mind, Color Craft has the creativity and experience to bring your folding carton products to life with beautiful, timely designs on a budget.