One of the reasons we’re so passionate about folding cartons is that we understand their importance in a way others don’t. After all, a folding carton is more than just a way to carry your product. It’s an extension of your brand – the first point of contact between consumers and your product. So quality is paramount.

That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering excellence at every stage of the process – from structural and graphic design, to printing and converting.

Color Craft has extensive experience in a wide variety of services including Design, Printing, and Finishing.

First we design the folding carton using custom graphics and structural layouts. This determines the size, shape, and color of the product and allows full customization from our diverse selection of templates.

After designing, the folding carton moves to production where we use our massive, industrial printers to bring your carton to life. This phase also includes the use of our Die Cutters which can be tailor made to cut into nearly any shape or size in order to accommodate your designs.

Once printed and cut, the carton is folded, glued, and transported to our warehousing facilities. Our warehouse is equipped with our “Just In Time” Inventory Control system to allow prompt, scheduled shipping of all of your orders. In addition, our facility can also be used to temporarily store excess packaging from your orders to free up valuable space in your own warehouse!

Our efficient system provides quality, creative and cost effective custom folding carton solutions for manufacturing clients in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic/Beauty, Health Care, and Retail industries as well as any other consumer-targeted manufacturers.