Graphic Design

graphic design for packaging color craft

At Color Craft, our passion for exceeding customer expectations extends into graphic design as well 하모니카. We continually invest in new equipment and new technologies to help maintain the highest standards. The graphic design team at Color Craft can help you tell your brand’s story to your customer Download the host file. With the knowledge and expertise to design your folding cartons to capture the attention of your audience, we are certain that our formula for effective designs are the key to winning on the shelf Download the thumbnail.

Armed with a deep understanding of consumer insight and research, we are confident that we can create a brand that is structurally sound, brilliantly designed, and will ultimately sell Download the pot game mobile.

With our collection of wide range of presses means that we can handle both large and short runs with equal efficiency. Whether your package design needs one color or eight, we have the expertise and the equipment to handle even the most challenging assignments Download the old version of Unity. Our presses come equipped with all of the necessary features to get the job done. The main models include:

  • Two 6-Color 28 x 40 Komori Lithrone 40 Press with computer color console, infrared dryer system, color densitometer and sheet cleaner, with aqueous coater
  • One 6-Color 28 x 40 Aurelia 640 Presses with computer color consoles, infrared dryer systems, color densitometers and sheet cleaners – one with an aqueous tower coater
  • 4-Color 28 x 40 Aurelia 440 “Elite” Press with computer color console, infrared dryer system, color densitometer and sheet cleaner

Our designers specialize in clean, sharp graphics that grab consumers’ attention and make your product jump of the shelves Only one love ost. Whether you need a package, catalog, brochure or more, we pride ourselves on maximizing your visual impact while also strengthening your appeal to your target customers Download the publisher. As a result of the entire manufacturing process being conducted in-house, we are able to produce your products for a fraction of the cost compared to other companies Download the Harry Potter caption.